On the Tekeya app, you will find restaurants, groceries, bakeries, and dessert shops that are selling their fresh surplus food at a low price or when in big amounts, donating it to charities for those in need.

Bakeries, fruits, and vegetables, desserts, and a lot more that are delicious, fresh, and perfectly good to eat.

When you order from Tekeya, you’re saving these food items from going into the landfills, which then, unfortunately, decomposes anaerobically releasing methane gas that is 30 times more potent at trapping heat than CO2.

If you are a consumer you can easily register from here.

If you’re a business owner and would like to enlarge your consumer base, increase profit and reduce food waste, you can register from here.

If you are a charity organization register from here and receive donated meals.

Ordering food from Tekeya has never been easier, first you need to register and create an account by entering all your contact details and your email.
Secondly, choose your area, after choosing the area you live in, all the restaurants and stores near you that have surplus food will appear.
You can choose any food item you want with a 50% discount and add it to your shopping cart.
Next, after choosing all the items, you can easily checkout and enter your address if you want it delivered to your home, or click “Takeaway” if you’ll grab it yourself from the branch.
Finally, someone from our operation team will contact you to confirm your order and follow up.

After checking out, you can choose if either you want the food to be delivered to your doorstep or to pick it up yourself from the branch.

You can easily donate from our application from anywhere in the world, by choosing any food item you’d wish to donate then click “Checkout”, then choose “Donate” you can pay with your visa card.

When you donate with any food item from our application, our Tekeya team delivers these fresh food items to charities that give them to people in need. So you saved a food item from going to waste, contributed in saving the environment, and fed a hungry person.