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" At TeKeya we believe that no food should be wasted "

How Does it work ?

TeKeya creates a Digital Market Place that connects Hotels, Restaurants and Groceries having perfectly fresh surplus food with consumers who want to get a fresh meal at a reduced price and at the same time securing a continued supply of freely donated surplus food to Charity Organizations for those in need .

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Hotels, Restaurants & Groceries

Are you a Charity Organization ?

you can secure a more stable supply with donated surplus food .

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Why TeKeya?
You can benefit from using TeKeya application to :
- Get a high quality surplus meal at a reduced price and save money!
- Help business owners not to throw good food away - feels good!
- Contribute to reducing the burden on environment - feels great!
- And if you are a charity organization you can secure a more stable supply with donated surplus food.

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Why TeKeya?
You can benefit from using TeKeya application to :
• Increase you customer base & enhance your brand through free exposure with every surplus meal uploaded
• Improve your revenue stream - it makes sense!
• Contribute towards a more sustainable society and get recognized for it!




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Team and vision

Management Team

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Menna Shahin


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Maxim Haartsen



Menna Shahin

Menna Shahin ( (منة شاهين born in 1987, is an Egyptian entrepreneur. She’s a pharmacist, founder of She Travels, and cofounder of application to fight food waste, called Tekeya.

Shahin is a graduate of the faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. She majored in Pharmaceutical Industries. She holds a regional executive in a multinational pharmaceutical company in Dubai, UAE. )

Shahin is a pioneer; in that she is among the first Egyptian women who started a Travel Business Exclusively for women, where she organized her travels in collaboration with certified life coaches to incorporate self-development coaching in the travel plans. Menna aspires to empower women to build new connections with other women and discover more about themselves through travel.

She is actively involved in social and community work and active member in Giza horizon Rotary Club. She has more than half a million followers on her various social media platforms.

As a co-founder, Menna launched TeKeya in Egypt in April-2019. TeKeya is an application designed to fight food waste and to decrease CO2 pollution. Since its launch, the app saved thousands of surplus meals, either donated to charity organizations feeding the needy or sold at reduced price to customers whilst reducing the CO2 footprint by over 4 tonnes.

Menna is an experienced public speaker, gave a Tedx Talk in 2019, featured in more than 20 TV interviews, spoke as a keynote speaker at the World Youth Forum and held several coaching sessions, including a master training about food waste for future chefs in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. Lastly, Menna has been featured in over a 100 articles written about her initiatives in the Middle Eastern press.

Takeya | Menna Shahin | TEDxMIULive - YouTube

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Maxim Haartsen

As a transformational leader in the field of Life Sciences and Precision Medicine, Mr. Haartsen has an over 19 years proven track record as a Commercial Executive in European and Asian Multi-National companies.

Throughout his career he demonstrated successful business performances in different roles with increasing seniority, in the field of Commercial Operations, Marketing and Sales, his latest role, Vice President for Business Development with Konica Minolta Precision Medicine Inc. based out of Tokyo Japan.

Mr. Haartsen is born in Hulst the Netherlands, lived and worked in 5 different countries varying from Europe to the Middle East and Asia. He has a strong passion for creating new businesses, leading people and building highly performing teams across different cultures and changing environments.

He is the co-founder of the start-up company TeKeya, an application created to fight Food Waste in the Middle East, North African Region.

Mr Haartsen holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Life Sciences from the University of Maastricht.


TeKeya’s vision is to become a world leading platform that brings together all stakeholders involved across the Food Value Chain, from Public Institutions, NGO’s, Charity Organizations to Privately held Businesses, towards a more sustainable society.



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