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Maxim Haartsen
Co-Founder of Tekeya

As a transformational leader in the field of Life Sciences and Precision Medicine, Max has a 20 years proven track record as a Commercial Executive in large European and Asian Multi-National companies. His latest corporate role, Vice President for Business Development with Konica Minolta Precision Medicine Inc. based out of Tokyo Japan.

Max holds a Masters Degree in Environmental Life Sciences from the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, his home country.

He lived and worked in five different countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, out of which 7 years in Japan. Max has a strong passion for creating new businesses, leading, mentoring and coaching people with the aim to building highly performing teams across different cultures and changing environments.

In 2019 Max co-founded TeKeya, a startup which he currently leads. TeKeya is a social enterprise, aiming to do good for society and doing well as a business at the same time. Max and team created a mobile application designed to battle food waste. The company is incorporated in Cairo, Egypt and aims to expand into the wider Middle East North African Region over the next few years.

Besides overseeing TeKeya, Max is also a speaker at the Global Forum of Higher Education and Scientific Research (GFHS) in Egypt, guest at EUStartGees (startup) podcast series, a panelist at the Cairo Climate Talks community (CCT) and a mentor for a Startup & Scale-up Bootcamp organization based in Osaka Japan.